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An annual plant lives for only one growing season and then dies off.

Be sure to check back here frequently to see what we have in stock.

1. Begonia

- Angel Wing Collection - Sinbad Pink, Richmondensis Pink, Pink Spot

- Dragon Wing (Red and Pink)

2. Caladiums

3. Calibrachoa (Mini Petunias)

- Superbells:

Coral Sun

-Callie Neo

Dark Red

Lava Red Eye

Salmon Pink & Eye

Dark Blue

-Petchoa Supercal:

Royal Red


Sunset Orange

Indian Summer

4. Citronella Gernium

5. Cordyline Torbay Dazzler

6. Geraniums

- Citronella

- Calliope Rose Mega Splash

- Caliope Large Dark Red

- Ivy Fire Dark Red

7. Pennisetum Rubrumii

8. Superbena

- White Out

- Red

- Sparkling Amethyst

- Sparkling Rose

- Peechy Keen

- Pink Shades

- Imperial Blue


9. Supertunia

- Daybreak Charm

- Really Red

- Honey

- Picasso in Purple

- Bubblegum Vista


-Royal Velvet


10. Sweet Potato Vine - Ipomoea

- Marguerite

-Side Kick Black Heart

11. Bidens

-Blazing Fire

-Mexican Gold

-Popstar Red

12. Salvia

-Splendons Saucy Red

-Farinacea Velocity Blue

13. Lobelia

-Basket White

-Techno Blue

14. Evolvulus Beach Bum Blue 

15. Lysimachia Sunburst

16. Cyprus Prince Tut

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